Who Created The Happy Test?

I am Des Allen, creator of the The Happy Test. I work with people to help find their truth, and help them live a happier life” 

Des Allen is a Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Psychotherapist, certified in human behaviour and Emotional Energy Management with over 2 decades of experience behind him. 

Through his studies & research into Transformational Psychology, Des has formed a passion for helping others find their happiness. 

With over 20+ years experience working with individuals, groups & couples of all backgrounds within his own personal practice as well as national and international organizations, he has found a way to clearly define what will make you happy regardless of who you are. 

Everyone is seeking happiness particularly in personal relationships. Des has shared his knowledge and expertise with countless consulting clients bringing them closer to experiencing their own personal happiness.

Through developing The Happy Test, Des has enabled YOU to gain access to his knowledge and expertise and now he’s sharing his pathway to success in how to create and build loving relationships.

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