The Secrets of True Love

Do You Want To Experience a True, Deep and Meaningful Connection In Your Relationship?  

A Ground Breaking on-Line Relationship Tool, "The Happy Test", that gives you instant clarity as to the real reasons you are  happy in a Relationship or why it's deteriorating. And what you can do about it  -  immediately.

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"5 Common reasons your relationship could be falling apart

By showing you some of the most common reasons relationships fail and providing you some simple ways to gain more connection, you can recreate a more fulfilling and loving relationship.

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"5 Fears that get in the way of true Love

This E-book has been created for you whilst you navigate  the complexities of your emotions and fears during a period in your life where you may be ending a relationship or are now seeking a new partner in your life.  

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The Bonus Audio gift is offered to  give more insight into your Secrets of True Love, if you  decide to learn about your subconscious desires and what you seek from another to build that loving and lasting  relationship that can satisfy you  both.

Does Your Relationship Leave You Feeling Unhappy, Uneasy or Unsettled with Doubt?

Have You Ever Dreamed...

...of experiencing a true, deep & meaningful connection with a Soul Mate? 

Finding that one person who could make your life seem complete when you are with them and which could takes your emotions to an all new exhilarating high?

Of Course You Have...   Who wouldn't have at some time or another?

But it's a fact, the biggest thing that keeps people unhappy, is the emotional state of their relationships, both with themselves and with another.

And who wants to drag emotional 'baggage' around their entire life! 

I am sure you certainly don't.

You see, you often don't know and it can be hard to pinpoint what the real emotional drivers are in your relationship(s) - to know and understand the elements that are quick to drive you to anger or frustration, hold you back and prevent you from giving or experiencing the wonderful uplifting feelings that love has to offer.

They are often hidden, so unless you uncover them, it is difficult to improve and so you can end up dragging anger and frustrations with you from partner to partner - looking for something that you're not quite sure of.

The Good News is, you can learn very quickly how to uncover the secrets behind what's really driving your relationship to success or failure or worse, mediocrity... You have the confidence to focus and move forward with your life & love, regardless of whether you're Single, Married or in a Partnership.

Uncover what's holding back the relationship from being the loving experience you both are seeking.

Let's be honest haven't we all at some stage, been seeking that one person that makes us feel special?

But sometimes, when the 'honeymoon period' is over, things can take a turn for the worse.

Communication changes and sometimes it grinds to a halt or a staggered trickle, often out of fear of causing another argument. 

If the relationship failed or is failing, we take solace in the reasoning that "they just aren't/weren't the one". That may be correct, but have you been repeating this? 

In many love situations, it's the lack of understanding about what matters most to each other and how important it is, that creates the strain. This plus an inability to have open, honest and meaningful conversations about what's happening.  

Overcoming these frequent 'misunderstandings' or misalignments, allow each other to express and feel listened to and feel that they are important and have a say in the relationship. This leads to successful relationships.

The Happy Test allows you to take a close look at your situation and know what aspects of a relationship you value the most. It gives you the blueprint to create a strong relationship, built upon the feelings you had when you first met and which shows how you both can experience the love that you wish to offer each other. 

Or what to look for regarding your standards that are 'non-negotiable' in a new relationship.

The easy, very simple process will give you an insight and answers to questions, you may have been asking yourself for years - in just minutes.


Within a couple of minutes you will start to see...

Exactly why you’re unhappy in your current relationship, or know why a previous relationship failed
Where and why aspects of the relationship work really well and the reason you get on together
Where you need to focus, so you're discussing what really matters
You have a path to guide you, to solve differences that bring you the love & happiness you both seek
How to naturally make each other feel the love and care you both desire
A framework that is based on honest discussion of what each of you seek in the relationship
How to stay on the path of making your relationship into a lifetime partnership.
Where decisions are required on the aspects that are not negotiable, helping partners to realise the importance

Or you could just do nothing and…

Drag emotional baggage from relationship to relationship, unaware of what the problem is
Constantly shift the blame of your unhappiness to your partner & their behaviour
Stay exhausted by constant and repetitive arguments that never get resolved
Continue pretending to be someone you’re not, Hoping it will come right in order to appease someone else
Sacrifice your happiness by denying yourself and the things you really desire
Eventually realize that 'In-Action' is Action

So How Does The happy Test Work? 

Step 1. - Make the decision to finally take control of your happiness & relationship and get instant access to this unique online tool! With a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

Step 2. Answer a few easy but deeply insightful questions about what matters most to you in your relationships.

Step 3. View your results within just seconds and download your very own personalised report that helps you to better understand yourself and provide greater clarity in why you are feeling the way you do. There's usually multiple things happening and when combined...

Use your results as a trusted guide because it's your truth, and move forward in your relationship towards experiencing your secret to happiness and the beauty that Love can bring.

Love Can Be Expressed In A Million Different Ways...

You’ll gain immediate access to our unique online tool, uncovering the relationship characteristics that hold the most meaning to you, showing you EXACTLY why your current relationship might be strained or why past relationships have failed.

So what do you get if you take the Happy Test Today?

Your own personalised Happy Test Report outlining each of your personal values, detailing precisely how these affect your relationships & ensuring that these are met in the future.

Bonus Audio Recording – Understanding What Relationship Conflicts Mean & Why It Matters. This 30 minute audio podcast will explain why some conflicts in relationships are important.

The Happy Test is a
“No Risk” Decision!

You can put your mind at ease knowing that “The Happy Test” is covered by our full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which means…

…that if after taking the test, you don’t have more clarity about the issues your facing, are unaware of where to start in moving your relationship forward, we’ll gladly refund your money – that’s how confident we are that this will be the best investment you ever make in yourself & your relationship.

Finding Happiness in love is available to you right now, get immediate access today.

Are you’re ready to break free from the heartache & uncertainty that comes with a lacklustre relationship? Do you want to stop meandering in your quest for true love and arrive at the place where you can confidently make a choice to change and have love in your life? 

Now is the time to find out what truly matters in your relationship and lay solid bonds between you that will bring the experience of joy and happiness. 

It’s hard to put a price on something that can help you uncover your secrets to true happiness in any relationship.

Des wants to allow anyone to discover the joy and happiness that comes from a true, meaningful & loving relationship, which is why he has kept the price so low.

If you consult Des Allen as a personal coach his services cost substantially more than the current price of The Happy Test. 

Don’t waste anymore time struggling to work out why your relationship isn't working or what is really making you unhappy or why it’s so hard to find the right partner. 

             Discover Your  Secrets to True Love in just minutes.

For just US$24.95 you can order your own Happy Test and personal report today!

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