Looking for an instant answer to a question?

Here some very common questions about the Secrets of True Love and the The Happy Test.
The premise of the Happy Test is that the simple but powerful test is all about you. Not your partner. And not what you need to do to make them happy and love you.

1. What is The Happy Test

The Happy Test is a Rapid and Accurate way of understanding the key ‘Drivers’ of relationships and what influences
your levels of happiness with someone when you interact with them or even just think about them.

As you communicate with others, there are certain and very important things that are constantly being validated.
The problem for most people is, this validation occurs below the levels of awareness (it is sub-conscious).
This lack of awareness is due to your internal communication systems working so fast, resulting in generalizations
as it filters information during the communication.

The level of self awareness a person has, greatly influences outcomes in a relationship and can cause enhancement
(expansion, growth and understanding) or inhibitions (poor self expression, fear and decline).

The Happy Test, brings these key ‘drivers’ and their associated behaviors to your conscious awareness and through
several simple steps, quickly determines the risk to your levels of happiness. l risk to a relationship.

It is straight forward, easy to do (although it will require you to think) yet is extremely powerful.

Please do not be fooled by the simplicity behind this process.

2. How will the happy test help me?

The Happy Test relates to You specifically (not your partner or what he or she is doing). It helps you to identify and
understand the very things that are happening within you that are making you happy or not.

You may be happy in one relationship whilst unhappy in another. The Happy Test shows you why, so you can
address specifically the issues that can make an immediate difference.  Is that not worth knowing?

3. How will the happy test help the relationship

Knowing specifically the impact of how each other is being affected and why,  provides a focus that can be shared
so that what was hidden at the subconscious level, can be brought up as a discussion to help improve the
relationship. (see The Relationship Action Plan)

Offering blame is not a solution. The Happy Test offers information that allows greater understanding and
opportunity for resolution. When there is resolution and acceptance there can be growth in the relationship.

4. Will finding differences cause more conflict?

Quite possibly, yes!  However if you are concerned about being in a conflict, you may wish to reflect upon your
perspective of what conflict is.

Many believe conflict to be negative, due primarily to demonstrated aggression and associated unpleasant feelings
– therefore through fear, it should be avoided. In reality, it is any negative feelings that are wanting to be avoided.

Conflict in fact is an essential way for two or more people to get greater understanding and clarity about
something. It is not about aggression, it is about opposing views that are in conflict i.e. in opposition.
Through conflict greater understanding of a persons truth is made available.

When there is assertiveness or even anger during a conflict, it is an indication of how important something
is to someone.

When conflict is managed there are ways to be in conflict yet maintain respect for each other.

5. I am too afraid to leave - what should I do?

Living in fear of a partner is a tragic consequence of love ‘gone wrong’. Love is freedom: Freedom of expression;
Freedom to grow and evolve; Freedom to express your love your way and in a way that causes the other to grow.
Love creates growth and expansion.

It’s opposite, Fear, restricts and prevents growth – When love turns to possession it is through fear. Ironically
it can be through fear of losing the ‘love’ that they found, that possession can start to manifest. Where violence
exists, psychological or physical – You need help and support. Help that is beyond the intentions of this service.

The Happy Test has basically confirmed what you already know. One challenge is overcoming the imagined fear
that you create – because it is paralyzing you to take action. If action has failed before it does not mean it
will fail again.

You do however need Help!!

Here are some websites to point you in the direction that many have used and therefore may help you.

www.oneinthree.com.au     www.helpguide.org   www.healthcentral.com

6. How much is a test and how long does it take?

Taking a HAPPY Test is only $27.00 and it takes only minutes!  If you are truly happy across all aspects of your
relationship please DO NOT TAKE a test – you don’t need to.

Your investments and efforts put into the relationship are working, and that’s wonderful – Congratulations.

However, If you are concerned about and/or are unhappy in a relationship, or a part of the relationship is ok and
aspects cause you to be regularly emotional and unhappy, then you must consider the cost on Your Time, Your
Energy, Your Levels of Happiness, Your Feelings and Your Emotional investment.

Basically if things are not quite working for you – you need TheHappyTest. Only you will know.

Especially for Partnership and Marriage Tests, investing $27.00 is an extremely cost effective choice to get
you started on a course of action because the alternatives are expensive.

If you were to put a price on the emotional content alone, the price for TheHappyTest is minuscule in comparison,
it’s a ‘No-Brainer’, especially when you consider the costs of what I call ‘social avoidance’ i.e. going out and talking
with friends over meals and coffees or ‘drowning’ or numbing your sorrows in other ways.    

7. What happens after I take a test

When you have taken a test there are several options open for you. You immediately have access to your personal
report and also a Bonus Audio MP3 recording to further assist.
In addition there are indications of what can be happening in your relationship (based upon the results of course)
which can encourage you to take some form of action.
The overall objective is to share your results with your partner, on the basis that you wish to stay in the
relationship. In this case it’s advisable that your partner also takes courage and decides to take their own test.

This will then provide an amazing basis of understanding as to why there may be conflict or a deterioration in
happiness in the relationship.

Knowing each others motivations and truths, can provide a solid foundation for healing and for love to flourish
Many people argue in ignorance of the true reasons as to why there is conflict in the first place.

Now you specifically know your own truth and have opportunity for a partner to express theirs.

This can then lead you to consider the Relationship Action Plan.

8. Should I tell my partner or spouse?

Good question! It really depends upon if you want to make efforts and bring back the love you had before things started to
change. We assume that because you are reading this there may be some difficulty now and that things have maybe

The Happy Test will give you a clear and precise reason for deciding this. Only you will know.

– Has it gone too far for too long?
– Are you concerned about making a decision that is a mistake?
– Would it help if my partner doesn’t know?

There are many questions yet the Happy Test will help you to decide.

One thing is for sure – you can not deny yourself and your own truth – that is, without consequence.


9. What is this relationship Action Plan?

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